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Smart Billiard Lighting is designing and developing an advanced, next generation pool table lighting system.  The system has improved LED table lighting with video cameras and computers built into the structure.   In addition to providing better table lighting, it is useful in recording and streaming tournament play, and is very well suited for for home game rooms and for video based instruction in pool rooms.

The videos produced by the system are computer generated composites from three cameras mounted in the lamp structure.  The primary camera provides an unobstructed "overhead view" of the table surface during game play. The other two cameras provide side and end table "player views".   As shown in the videos, these player views are overlaid on the overhead view when the balls are not moving.  The video may be streamed while recording for constant viewing during play, or without viewing may be recorded for subsequent WiFi or Internet playback.   The recorded video also includes a sound track, which provides a record for teaching purposes.

The table lighting is significantly improved with a “surround lighting” structure.  The LED light sources are positioned around and over the edges of the table, with a reflector system that directs the light to illuminate the playing surface evenly.   The surround lighting produces “flat field” illumination suitable for video recording and also reduces the shadows that are present on pool tables illuminated with conventional “center lighting”.

The recorded videos are stored on a local server that is part of the system.  The videos are WiFi accessible for local mobile device viewing, or the videos can later be transferred to our website for general Internet viewing.

Live video streaming may be viewed on wall-mounted monitors during live play.   During non-live play, previously stored videos may be automatically played in a continous loop and viewed on wall-mounted monitors.

image of a site room view

Installed Sites

G-Cue Billiards, Chicago, IL
Oak Brook, IL
Harbor Springs, MI

The selected image on the left is a room view with the lamp over the table at the indicated site.